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About us...

With a highly professional design team, counting more than 50 years of combined design experience and countless circuits in production, SiliconGate develops world class state-of-the-art IP.
Its close ties to several University research groups reflect the constant pursuit for ever more efficient and better performing design solutions. This privileged link also provides a nearly endless supply of highly talented and highly motivated young designers.

Why us

At SiliconGate you will have at your service a cross-functional team, ranging from top level System Architects all the way down to seasoned Layout Experts. In between you get highly qualified analog and digital designers that will guarantee your system's functionality.


SiliconGate's vast know-how in complex circuit design will provide you with the knowledge, tools and methodologies that will allow you to minimize the number of unknowns and therefore greatly reduce development risks. We will be happy to be part of your team at specification, design and verification stages.

Silicongate is an integrated circuit design company specialized in analog and mixed-signal IP.


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