• 2019.12.10

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from SiliconGate!
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    SiliconGate Team had the traditional Christmas gathering last December 1st and would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Great 2020!

  • 2014.10.01

    SiliconGate presents its new gift for 2015
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    It is an innovative product designed as a rescue tool during vehicle entrapment.

    The SiliconGate Resqme gift can slice through jammed seat belts with its sharp steel blade and break side windows with its spring-loaded spike.

    The Resqme is the must-have tool for every driver. It is lightweight, compact, and still powerful.

    You can carry it on your keys or attach it inside your car so it's always within reach

    The SiliconGate Team

  • 2014.08.01

    SiliconGate CEO talks for EDACafé on DAC 2014

    Floriberto Lima presents SiliconGate and the new ultra fast DC/DC converters to EDACafé

  • 2014.06.28

    Floriberto Lima presents the new Ultra Fast DC/DC Converters.

    The Design & Reuse CEO, Grabiele Saucier interview SiliconGate's CEO Floriberto Lima at 51st DAC in San Francisco, CA USA.

    SiliconGate was present, once again, on the annual DAC demonstrating the new Ultra Fast DC/DC converters.

  • 2014.06.27

    SiliconGate is attending on 2014 TSMC Technology Symposium event in Japan.
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    SiliconGate is attending once again on TSMC Symposium event in Yokohama, Japan.

    June 28, 2013 TSMC Technology Symposium Japan
    Location: Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan 

    Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu, 2-3-7, MinatoMirai, Nishi-ku Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan 220-8543


  • 2014.06.18

    SiliconGate is attending on 2014 TSMC Technology Symposium event in Amsterdam.
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    SiliconGate is attending once again on TSMC Symposium event in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    June 18, 2013 TSMC Europe Technology Symposium
    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands  

    Sheraton, Amsterdam Airport Hotel and conference Center Shiphol Boulevard 101, Amsterdam 1118BG, Netherlands

  • 2014.06.01

    SiliconGate is attending on 2014 TSMC Technology Symposium event in Moscow, Russian Federation
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    SiliconGate is attending once again on TSMC Symposium event in Moscow, Russian Federation

    June 1, 2013 TSMC Europe Technology Symposium
    Location: AZIMUT Moscow Olympic Hotel, Moscow, Russian Federation

  • 2014.05.01

    SiliconGate at Chipex 2014
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    • Chipex

    SILICONGATE LDA, a specialized supplier of Power Management IP for ASIC/SoC, was present on the the largest conference of the Israeli microelectronics industry Chipex 2014, that took place on April 29, at the Hilton Convention Center in Tel Aviv.

    This year's Forum theme was "The paradigm shift in the Microelectronics Industry and its impact on our industry" and SiliconGate was present once again on this annual event that attracted more than 250 c-level executives with a content rich program where eminent leaders can share their insights and possible solutions that can achieve true global supply-chain collaboration.

    Prominent executives from world class organizations got together to speak about the challenges in creating a partnership foundation that can offer limitless opportunities for advancement and continuity.

  • 2013.12.23

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from SiliconGate
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    A Merry Christmas and Our Best Wishes for 2014!
    Best regards,

    The SiliconGate Team

  • 2013.11.20

    SiliconGate is attending Internet of Things 2013 in Santa Clara, CA, USA during 20-21 November.
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    SILICONGATE, a specialized supplier of Power Management IP for ASIC/SoC, provides the global electronics market with intellectual property (IP) and services used in semiconductor design. SILICONGATE's IP solutions address the key Power Management challenges faced by designers today, such as efficiency, power consumption, total solution area, system verification and time-to-results. Its characterization services are oriented for Power Management in-system characterization and support towards production. This mix of technology-leading IP solutions and services give SiliconGate's customers a competitive edge in bringing the best products to market quickly while reducing the schedule risk.

  • 2012.07.18

    u-blox uses SiliconGate's power management IP for u-blox 7, the world’s lowest-power multi-GNSS platform
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    SILICONGATE LDA, a specialized supplier of Power Management IP for ASIC/SoC, today announced that u-blox, the global leader in positioning and wireless technology for the machine-to-machine (M2M), automotive and consumer markets, has used SiliconGate’s High Performance Power Management IP in its newest generation core positioning technology platform u-blox 7. A key figure of UBX-G7020 is the high efficiency, requiring only 7 mW in continuous navigation.
    “Our GNSS satellite receivers are often used in portable battery operated devices where low power consumption is a crucial requirement for our customers. Integrating SiliconGate’s power management IP into our latest u-blox 7 positioning platform gives our products a strategic advantage and enables us to bring a whole new generation of attractive chip and module products on the market”, said Eric De Mey, VP of IC development at u-blox. UBX-G7020 includes SiliconGate IP from the Ultra Low Power and from the Ultra Fast High Efficiency families. "It is our mission to power our partner’s success”, said Floriberto Lima, CEO of SiliconGate. "We strive to add value to our customers’ products. One of our main achievements has been to make our DC/DC converters SoC and RF friendly. This means: low noise, compact, efficient at low loads and using small inductors so that they can be used where they make a difference. Seeing such differentiated products like the UBX-G7020 makes every effort worth”. SiliconGate offers the highest performance power management IP for SoC.

    About u-blox

    u-blox is a leading fabless semiconductor provider of embedded positioning and wireless communication solutions for the consumer, industrial and automotive markets. Our solutions enable people, devices, vehicles and machines to locate their exact position and wirelessly communicate via voice, text or video. With a broad portfolio of GPS modules, chips, and software solutions together with wireless modules and solutions, u-blox is uniquely positioned to enable OEMs to develop innovative solutions quickly and cost-effectively. Headquartered in Switzerland and with global presence in Europe, Asia and the Americas, u-blox employs over 200 people. Founded in 1997, u-blox is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

  • 2012.06.15

    SiliconGate is attending TSMC Symposium in Israel on 25th June 2012
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    SILICONGATE will live demonstrate its High Performance Power Management IP in a setup which includes the company’s TSMC flagships: Ultra Fast Response DC/DC converter; Very High PSRR General Purpose LDO; and the novelty, PVT Sensor for Optimal Dynamic Voltage Scaling with Aging Compensation; and, many other cores. The event will be held on the 25th of June at Tel Aviv.

    Floriberto Lima, CEO of SiliconGate and Marcelino Santos, CTO of SiliconGate will be present and available for detailed discussions on the performance of SiliconGate’s IP the advantages of High Performance Power Management IP and its applications.

    Join us at the symposium to assist the live demonstrations and to hear more about SiliconGate’s IP offering and future roadmap. We look forward to meeting you there.

    Floriberto said: "Following the successes at IP-SoC 2011 and DAC 2012 it was impossible to resist this opportunity to again demonstrate our IPs, moreover in a high-end market that is so well matched with us, and that is becoming increasingly important for us”

    Please write to us at if you want more information on our IP portfolio or would like to set up a meeting with Floriberto and Marcelino during the symposium.

  • 2012.06.12

    SiliconGate Debuts High Performance Power Management Cores at the 49th DAC
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    SILICONGATE LDA, a specialized supplier of Power Management IP for ASIC/SoC, today started demonstrating the high performance of its cores at the 49th DAC in San Francisco. At the show a lab test setup allows visitors to verify the high performance of SiliconGate’s cores. Among the 11 cores brought to the show are the company’s flagships: Nano Power RTC Oscillator; Ultra Fast Response DC/DC converter; and, Very High PSRR General Purpose LDO. And the novelties: PVT Sensor for Optimal Dynamic Voltage Scaling with Aging Compensation; and, Very High PSRR Class-D Audio Driver.

    Floriberto Lima, CEO of SiliconGate, said: "After the recognition we got in IP-SoC last year we are anxious to get the feedback from the visitors here. We also expect to get valuable marketing feedback and ideas for the next generations so that we keep the pace of innovation in line with the future market needs”.

    “We expect the attention at this show to focus at to two TSMC 65nm cores: the Ultra-fast DCDC tested either with 1 A fast load transients or a real GPU load and a new sensor for Dynamic Voltage Scaling that ensures a specified guard band with minimum power for all frequency, process, temperature and aging conditions, tested with a 32-bit pipeline multiplier,” said Marcelino Santos, CTO of SiliconGate. “It is our first time in the US and we are very happy to be here.” SiliconGate offers the highest performance power management IP in two product lines: ultra fast high efficiency IP and ultra low power IP for SoC.

  • 2011.12.13

    SiliconGate Awarded Prize at IP-SOC 2011
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    SILICONGATE LDA received the Best Paper Award at IP-SOC 2011 for its high performance Power Management IP.

    SiliconGate brought to the exhibition two of its high performance IPs, allowing conference participants to directly interact with the test setup conditions so as to verify the outstanding performance of the displayed parts.
    The two IPs presented were the SGC67 buck DC/DC, with below 0.5 µs transient response time, and the SCG21510 32 kHz crystal oscillator for RTC, consuming under 25 nA.

    "It was incredibly rewarding to come to IP-SOC 2011 and show our IPs. For this type of performance you need to see it to believe it. Once we showed it, the positive feedback was immediate.” said Floriberto Lima, CEO of SiliconGate.

    "Currently our clients are high-end chip manufacturers, but I expect that given the advantages of using high-end IP, such as smaller external device requirements, improved robustness and better overall system performance, the use of high performance power management IP will spread quickly. The Best Paper Award was the cherry on top of the cake at the end of two very gratifying conference days.”

    “D&R is delighted to see the ongoing innovation from new dynamic IP providers of its community. Such a contribution make us believe in a bright future of the IP business as a catalyst of the whole Electronic System Industry development» added Gabriele Saucier CEO of D&R.

  • 2010.11.25

    Happy 2nd Birthday SiliconGate
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    SILICONGATE LDA,  is celebrating its second birthday. Time flies at SiliconGate too - in nano power mode.

    After a first year heavily marked by the development of the astonishing new cores that are now the basis of the company’s portfolio, this second year of existence was no less of a thrill. SiliconGate successfully entered the very competitive IP market having closed contracts with very strategic customers. One of these is a four-year contract with Wolfson Microelectronics PLC, a global leader in high-performance mixed-signal semiconductor solutions for the consumer electronics market. Despite these first two very inspiring years, the company’s mindset is fully focused on the future and, as such, the goals for the third year are at least as daring as ever before. The company’s overall growth and the expansion of the current portfolio remain cornerstones of the global strategy. Adding to this there will be a strategic investment on the company’s certification; both on Quality (ISO 9001) and on the very recent portuguese Innovation standard (NP4457).

    “Making part of this project is an incredible honor” said Floriberto Lima, CEO of SiliconGate. “Adding to Chipidea's invaluable inheritance of customer commitment, this team has the design excellence that only comes from experience.

    In addition to the credit to Daniel Santos and José Proença, the creators of the hottest IPs (SGC67 and SGC21510), and to the incredible team behind all the developments, this celebration cannot go without a big THANK YOU to the father of microelectronics in Portugal - Prof. José Franca -, and also to our Clients and partners.

    While celebrating its second birthday, this highly motivated team, fueled by success and supported by knowledge is in high gear to keep… Powering your Success!!

  • 2010.05.24

    Wolfson Selects SiliconGate to Supply Power Management IP for its Next Generation of High-Performance Products
    • Wolfson logo

    Combination of Silicon Proven High-Performance Power Management IP and Ultra Low Power Design Skills Makes SiliconGate the Right Partner.

    SILICONGATE LDA, a specialized supplier of Power Management IP for ASIC/SoC, today announced that Wolfson Microelectronics plc, a global leader in high-performance mixed-signal semiconductor solutions for the consumer electronics market, has selected SiliconGate to provide high-performance power management IP in a four year contract. After an extensive evaluation of several IP providers and their available solutions, Wolfson selected SiliconGate’s IP as a complement to its own high-performance IP portfolio and for its extreme performance and compact area.
    Holger Haiplik, Power Management IP Director at Wolfson Microelectronics, said: “We selected SiliconGate because of its world-class knowledge and expertise in high-performance power management IP.
    “Wolfson is leading the way in delivering innovative power management solutions to the consumer electronics market. This contract with SiliconGate will enable Wolfson to build on its existing portfolio of high-performance power management IP, therefore allowing system designers to develop ever more highly differentiated products.”
    "The Wolfson team was looking for a skilled IP provider that would help them keep their competitive advantage in power management and immediately we saw a good match to our IP," said Marcelino Santos, CTO of SiliconGate. "Wolfson also chose SiliconGate because increasing system complexity requires flexible IP providers able to understand the system and to contribute with customer optimized solutions. The four year deal is also a proof of confidence in our long term performance and we are thrilled to have the chance to participate in their success. "
    SiliconGate offers the highest performance power management IP cores including ultra fast DC/DC converters with 1.5 µs response time and ultra low power RTC crystal oscillators with 35 nA current consumption.

    About Wolfson Microelectronics

    Wolfson Microelectronics is a global leader in the supply of high-performance, mixed-signal semiconductor solutions to the consumer electronics market. In the home, in the office and on the move, Wolfson’s innovative technology can be found at the heart of many of the world’s leading digital consumer goods, including premier hi-fi equipment, mobile phones, MP3 players, flat panel TVs, digital still cameras and portable navigation devices.

    The company’s headquarters is located in Edinburgh, UK. Wolfson’s customers are located worldwide, and so is Wolfson, with design centres, sales offices, applications teams and engineering expertise across Europe, the US and Asia.

    Wolfson Microelectronics plc is listed on the London stock exchange (LSE: WLF.L).

  • 2010.02.19

    SiliconGate introduces the new SGC67120 ultra-fast DC/DC converter
    • Test chip 5 pack v1

    The new silicon proven SGC67120 is the first member of a family of ultra-fast synchronous step-down DC/DC converters, designed to operate with input voltages ranging from 1.8V to 5.5V and to deliver up to 3A on 0.6V to 3.6V outputs.
    With an extremely fast 1.5µs response time, this new converter promises to reduce the external capacitor size and overall solution cost for portable applications.
    SiliconGate's Ultra Fast Response DC/DC IP offering includes a comprehensive set of IP deliverables that helps designers quickly embed this core into their SoCs with minimal risk. Furthermore, SiliconGate's Ultra Fast Response DC/DC IP solution provides differentiated features including:
    • Ultra fast response for smaller external components
    • Robust stability for higher design freedom
    • High efficiency over the entire load range for extended battery operation
    • Clean foldback current limitation for smooth, sub-harmonic free operation
    • Comprehensive Verilog HDL models with startup times for realistic system verification

  • 2009.10.02

    Floriberto Lima is appointed as the new president and CEO
    • Floriberto

    Floriberto Lima is appointed as the new president and CEO. Floriberto Lima is 36 years old and earned a MBA degree from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in 2008, and an MSc in Electronics and Systems by the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, in 2001.

    Between 2000 and 2007 he was responsible for the creation and development of the Chipidea’s Power Management Group. In the years 2008 to 2009, Floriberto was responsible for Chipidea’s Power Management Marketing.

    Floriberto Lima was born in Angra do Heroísmo, Azores, Portugal, and lives in Lisbon. He is married and has two children.

    He will work closely with Dr. Marcelino Santos, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of SiliconGate, to bring the new power management solutions to market.

    SiliconGate’s co-founder Margarida Sousa, started as President and CEO of SiliconGate at its creation in 2008. She will continue as SiliconGate's Executive Vice President and deputy to CEO.

    "Now with Floriberto aboard, SiliconGate is ready to move forward aggressively beyond our research and development stage," said Dr. Marcelino. "To grow this start-up into a world-class company, Floriberto will be instrumental in establishing the right partnerships and driving SiliconGate’s technology into strategic market areas."

  • 2009.08.15

    SGC21510 Crystal Oscillator silicon results redefine Low Power
    • Img 7

    The first silicon results prove what had been hinted by extensive simulation results: the SGC21510 Nano Power Series Crystal Oscillator is proving to be nothing short of a revolutionary circuit.
    The circuit is fully functional and accurate (measured RMS jitter is 6.39 ns).Definitely not less important, the measured consumption is also well within the predicted values. The 50nA shown in the picture include a digital interface circuit which consumes 13nA.
    Being another "first time right", this circuit proves once more SiliconGate's team outstanding design capabilities.

  • 2009.08.06

    SiliconGate's new Website comes online
    • Photo img 8

    A whole new website showcasing SiliconGate's products and services came online today, April the 30th, 2009.
    This website results from a strong effort to convey the relevant information without overloading the viewer with graphic noise.
    Sharing the company's sober corporate image it is aimed not only at those who need detailed information regarding the product portfolio but also at those who just want to take a peek at the latest company developments.
    Above all we hope you enjoy your visit to our little corner on the web.

  • 2009.05.01

    SiliconGate tapes out its second test-chip
    • Img 10

    As part of a continued effort to validate and improve its IP portfolio, SiliconGate has just taped-out its second test-chip.
    Adding to some improvements on the already existent IPs, this test-chip will be used to silicon-prove a brand new oscillator.Part of the nano power series, the SGC21510 Crystal Oscillator is designed to have a <50nA power consumption.

  • 2009.02.28

    Encouraging silicon results from the first test-chip
    • Img 9

    Having just reached SiliconGate's test facilities, the first testchip is already showing very promising results.
    All of the cores are fully functional, from the enabling Bandgap circuit to the complex DCDC converter.
    Test activities will proceed on the following weeks so as to fully characterize the IPs performance. This test data will then be used to further improve the already functional circuits.

  • 2009.01.31

    SiliconGate tapes out its first test-chip
    • Img 2

    After a few months of market studies, customer inquiries, intensive design and verification activities SiliconGate successfully tapes out its very first test-chip. This tapeout is in line with the initial activities schedule laid out on the company's business plan.

    This first test-chip already includes some of the cores that will enable SiliconGate to revolutionize the Power Management IP market. Among others the test-chip includes the following IPs: 

    • 1 DCDC converter
    • 1 Charge-Pump
    • 1 LDO

    The first of many, this test-chip will not only further prove the design team capabilities but also serve as a first test to the company's characterization infrastructure.

  • 2008.10.12

    INESC-ID Lisboa
    • Inesc id logo

    SiliconGate establishes a strategic alliance with INESC-ID.
    Being one of the leading portuguese research intuitions, INESC-ID is the ideal partner for SiliconGate.
    This symbiotic relationship will allow SiliconGate to benefit from the cutting edge research programs constantly being driven by this institution while contributing with the experience of its design team, with its market perspective, and its industry knowhow.
    Furthermore, this relationship will also foster the creation of the human capital required to ensure SiliconGate's steady growth.


Silicongate debuts high performance power management cores at the 49th dac.


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